Meet the Carpenter


I had to do this for myself.

My name is John Paul Lara-Burnette Jr. My wife and I have always wanted to do something like this but never pulled the trigger. Until now that is. I have a background in Information Technology out of the United States Army and IBM. I am a person who strives on perfection when it comes to the work that I do. No one really valued my time and effort. I started out by making my own furniture, like a bookshelf and my entertainment center. I built it 9 years ago and it is still standing strong. My wife has always told me “Why don’t you make other people stuff and just sell it?” So I did a ton of research on the best way to go about making furniture, different types of things that people would want and love. Something they can have in their lives forever and never get tired of.

My life in the Army wasn’t the best in the world. I was stationed at Fort Gordon, Georgia for 5 years of my career and I was hurt. I was not able to be a soldier anymore and I have tried other jobs and no one really cared about my time and effort. Just because they paid you doesn’t mean that they care about your well being or ideas that you have. They don’t really care about what type of person that you want to be. After I was hurt at my last job, it really opened my eyes. I was throwing beds that weighed 94 lbs a piece over 330 times a night. I told the supervisor that my back was killing me and he didn’t seem to care. So I had to go to the ER that night and they strictly told me to take 3 weeks off and recover. Well that job didn’t see it that way. They wanted me to return back to work that night. I had to hire a lawyer and sue them because they didn’t care about me as a person. All they cared about were numbers and production.

Now I am living my dream. Making things that are going to last a life time and have meaning behind every single thing that I make. I am loving the way that my life has given me and I wouldn’t change anything for the world. I want to say Thank You for everything that you are letting me do for you. It honestly means a lot.