Our Newest Adventure

To let everyone know, We are just starting out. I have been wanting to have the same type of items that I would love to have in my own home. Things that are useful and practical to everyone around me. I was looking for an Entertainment Center that was made out of wood and not just plywood. Once I did a lot of research on everything that I wanted, I found out that the items that I wanted was going to break my bank and cost me more than I was paying for. I did not want to spend a ton of money on an item that is made out of material that is going to fall apart in 5 years or less. So I decided to make it myself. I went to the hardware store and bought some plywood, 2x4’s and screws. I built my entire Entertainment center with an Idea in my head. I made 2 Bookshelves, a gaming station, and a place where my first daughter could sit as she read her books all in one. This item didn’t cost me more than $600 to make myself. It has never let me down since 2010. Every item that I looked up was over $1200 and made out of particleboard that I had put together myself with the cheapest items that was known to man. I can now fit a perfect 55” television in the middle and have all of my Blu-rays and gaming stations above it and it has never crashed and fell. I wanted to make that for everyone that was paying for the items that would fail on them and make them go back in a couple years to spend more money to store their items. I drew up the design and ran with it. I can do the same for other people that actually want what I want. I made my own desk and kids toys that have not broken. I cant wait to make these things for people that actually want it. I decided to start my own business making things for people that would love items made to their liking. I want people to understand that I make things that last and not break in a couple of years. To have the quality and care in an item that will last forever.