Building one of my Machines, Day 1

Today was a very difficult day. I have received one of my machines today and I have to but it together from scratch. It is one of the things that I wanted to do so that I knew how to fix it if there were ever any issues. I have been working from 3:00 PM (When the last part of it showed up), until 8:00 PM on the first night. My back is killing me. After receiving a back injury from my last job, I decided to stop and rest. Tomorrow, I should have it all put together and it will be running. It has was not easy doing everything tonight because there were so many mistakes putting it together and then taking it apart to fix the mistakes. It it honestly my first time that I have ever handled a machine like this and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. The dedication that it takes to do this is a lot. I am doing my best to make this business succeed and I will do so.

John Lara-BurnetteComment