Building my Machine, Day 3

Today was a day of learning a lot about this type of machine. I made a mistake! I just placed the belts on the machine that takes a lot of measuring and accuracy to place. The instructions for the belts was “Its supposed to sound like a guitar string.” Luckily, I play guitar and I know what sound that it should have sound like. So I proceeded with the rest of the build. I put the 3 belts on which should control X, Y, and Z. After I put the motor on, I saw the mistake.

I know, I should have read the directions better. But no joke, I have read them 3 maybe 4 times over. But I did not catch this part. On the last picture of the slide show, I noticed that one part was supposed to be flipped the other way. I was so sad, frustrated and angry at the same time. So I had to take apart a large part of the machine. I was so sad (mostly). So I had to take a lot apart. I lost a lot of time when it came to this time. I had to take apart so much progress and preparation. It took an entire hour to take apart that one small part. I corrected the problem and then I put it back together. After the part was fixed, I had to put together the rest of the project and that took FOREVER just to get 4 pieces back where they should be. So I lost probably 3 hours of work.

I then started to do the wiring when my family needed me to jump in and start again. After that, I did not do anything else. I was mad and sad. But tomorrow I should be closed to finishing. I will do my best to get this done by Wednesday. I am not making any promises tomorrow because I have some family things going on and I have to go meet some friends of mine. But It WILL be done by Thursday next week and I will make my first carve with this machine. I honestly cant wait but I also want this done so bad. It will help me out so much with this business because I can make it do things that I personally can do but do not have the time to do. I will be able to focus on other things that I need to do when it comes to the business. I am happy with the learning progress of this issue but I cant wait to make my first carve.

The empty packages are the things that I have already done for this and the wiring still needs to be done. I am in the progress of protecting the wires and the items that make the machine work. Its a difficult progress.

John Lara-Burnette