My First Sale

Today, I completed my first sale. I cannot believe the feeling I had when I got the confirmation. I cannot share any pictures yet because it is a gift to someone. I will share pictures in time. I loved this experience. Not only did it test me at times, it showed me my abilities that I had to do it. I have never done anything like this in my entire life. Something this custom and this difficult. It might have been a very small project but it honestly meant a lot to me. I will continue to put this much time and effort into every single piece that I do for all of my customers. I have so many ideas of things that I could sale really fast and make really fast. But I love the joy that I brought to this person. Something very specifically created, designed, planned and thought out that took about 3 days to make of continuous work and thought. through. This was my beginning.

Yesterday, I got to meet one of my childhood hero’s even though he is only 3 years older than myself. I gave him a gift that I thought was a simple minded gift but his reaction was the absolute best. Something I made and something that I came up with in my mind for a present for him. I was on the verge of tears of happiness that someone who has been that important in my life liked something that I made for him, that much, It made me feel that incredible. I honestly hope that everything that I make for someone to feel that way. I don’t ever want to forget that feeling and I have a feeling that I will always remember that. But I never thought that I would have never meet in my entire life, a dream has come true.

That being said. I know that was a lot. But I will not stop fighting for this business. Even though I am just starting out and I only have one sale under my belt, it drives me to do so much more. I may be working out of a garage and a back yard but I would not want to be anywhere else. I am so incredibly happy. Thank you for anyone who has read this.

John Lara-BurnetteComment