Services We Provide



Here at OWW we can build custom cabinets, bookcases, fireplace mantels and more. Everything we make is custom created for your particular space to perfectly suit your specific needs and style. We take pride in making sure our designs are always of the highest quality and deeply value your satisfaction. Elevate your home with custom designs that showcase your unique aesthetic. You dream it, we do it!



With the help of a CNC carving machine we can also carve virtually anything out of wood, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), copper, raw aluminum, acrylic, corian, machinable wax, foam, and plastic. The design is completely up to you! From a simple ornament for your Christmas tree to a giant plaque for your man cave, we can do it all! Have a design in mind you've always wanted to showcase in your home but aren't much of a DIYer yourself? We've got you covered! Simply give us an idea of that cute name plate you think would be perfect for your niece's nursery or that quote you'd love to see in your foyer before you start your day and we'll get on it for you! We also carve clocks, custom name displays, large logos for your business, honorary plaques, pretty much anything that you can think of. We can do 3D Items as well.

Resin Tables

We also work with epoxy resin to create stunning, highly durable furniture pieces for your home or office. Add a resin finish to your order to make it last practically forever or go the full nine and get a mesmerizing beautiful river table desk that's sure to wow any clients you ever have in your office. Resin finishes can add not just an extra degree of protection and length to the life of your order, but it adds a whole other “Woodly” element of customization to your order. Have a toddler that's obsessed with space? Order them a galaxy style epoxy resin child's table! Have a mosaic you'd like to permanently cast into your piece? We can do that too. The possibilities are pretty limitless! We do ask, however, that you kindly grant us a bit more time for orders dealing with resin. Curing times do add a bit to the overall length of time it will take us to have your order ready, but it's worth the wait! (Every resin furniture piece is made to order and unique.)

Outdoor Furniture and Decor

We can make benches, stools, picnic tables, swings, hammocks, and so much more. Just be sure to specify to us that you will need something weather treated when you place your order if it's not completely obvious it is for outdoor use please. Thanks in advance!

Wearable Jewelry

We can make virtually anything out of epoxy resin, wood, or a gorgeous combination of the two and you can customize it to your liking. Color, style, charms, themes, etc. are all up to you. We can even include pictures of loved ones and/or pets! You imagine it, we can bring it to life for you!

Gauges and Plugs

Just give us your size and the style you'd prefer, and we'll do our best to make it happen.


We have a variety of different styles and shapes available. Just choose your color preferences and we're good to go.


Just specify the length you prefer, any possible allergies to precious metals, and any other specifications you might need or want, and we've got you covered!